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If i block someone on facebook can they message me Seeking Sex Contacts

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If i block someone on facebook can they message me

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Does everything disappear when I block someone on Facebook and Messenger? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 5 months ago.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Facebook Messenger

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You seem to be asking about Facebook, but facehook tagged this "yahoo". What are you talking about? Indeed, if the second half of your question is about Yahoo!

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Messenger and not Facebook Messenger, please edit your question accordingly because I removed the "yahoo" tag. Also try to rephrase your whole question better, it can hardly make sense.

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If you open mfssage conversation thread of a blocked person, you will notice the reaction button is still visible. Tapping it will reveal the reactions. However, tapping on any of them will throw the notification that you need to unblock the person. Group chats stay unaffected if you block.

If i block someone on facebook can they message me

Both of you will be able to see messages from each other in the common groups. However, Facebook lets you know when you enter a group where there is a person whom you have blocked on Messenger as a precautionary measure.

The other person will not receive a notification of any sort.

However, they will lose the ability to message or call you as we have seen. If you think blocking someone on Facebook or Messenger would result in the same thing, my dear friend, you are wrong. Both are two separate things. Right from the start, when you hit the block button cacebook Messenger, you will be asked whether you want to block their messages only or block them on Facebook.

The former will only block them on Messenger, and the things mentioned above will hold true. It kn not have any impact on your connection with them on Facebook.

That is, you will still be able to view their Facebook profile you will remain friends with them on Facebook and interact with them on Facebook comment and like.

Only when you block them on Facebook, you will lose access to their profile the person will be unfriended and other interactions on Facebook including Messenger.

Facebooi again, this is not an accurate way to know if you have been blocked.

Another way to know if you have been blocked is to ask a mutual friend. If they can message the said person, then you have guessed it right — you have been blocked.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

Unblocking the blocked person will remove all the restrictions, and you can interact with them on Messenger. That means you can message and call them, view their online status and stories.

Even though FB have split Messenger out of the main app on the mobile platform, Messenger is a Facebook feature. Thus blocking will block Messenger as.

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As the other aomeone indicates, blocking makes you invisible to the other person and vice versa. Any old messages you had with them will be preserved but it will not be possible for either party to reply to the messages and they'll show up as from "Facebook User" or something like that with no link to the person's profile.

View previous comments. I want to block someone on my facebook but not in messenger.

Is it possible? I still got messages from the person I blocked blocked on FB and messenger. Clearly somethings not working.